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About Us

From the very beginning we were committed to making life easier for owners, superintendents, foremen, and employees.

arrow Our Mission
We will be a moral, ethical, successful, and profitable company while providing products and services to our clients which help them protect the lives of their employees and help them increase the profitability of their organizations. We will be responsible and proactive members of our local and global communities.

Our mission drives and directs the company. Not only do we have a mission statement, but everyone at the company understands it and works to further it each and every day.

arrow Safety Meetings
Safety Meeting Outlines, Inc. was founded in 1978. The reason was to create a tool that made it easy for a foreman to conduct a toolbox talk, now known as a Weekly Safety Meeting, on the jobsite. By making safety a regular and normal part of the work day, you send a clear message that safety is an important company value, and that the only way to do the job is the safe way.

arrow Log Books
Shortly after creating Weekly Safety Meetings, it became clear that many of our customers, and others in the construction industry, needed a good, structured way to keep track of what happened on the site each day. Many superintendents were keeping notes, but those notes ended up on loose leaf paper (which too often got lost after getting “loose” from their binders); others used blank sketch books and simple lined diaries. To fill this need, we developed the Construction & Maintenance Daily Log.

arrow Spanish
As the market and workforce changed, we introduced a Spanish language interpretation of each Weekly Safety Meeting. The Hispanic workforce in the United States is the fastest growing labor segment, and we are committed to ensuring the safety of these workers too.

We continue to introduce new products for existing and new markets, and to evolve existing products to better meet the needs of our customers and the marketplace.

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